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 on: August 25, 2018, 10:07:23 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
LOL. It isn't done yet. 99.5%, but not 100%. I moved the cot to go on the same shelf as the memory foam mattress I have for it. I have things all over the place.

I have several braces (different sizes, types, uses) and lots of bits in my shop, some of the bits probably need some TLC, but I've been thinking of putting them in the trailer since a lot of my hand powered tools are for a long term no power situation.

 on: August 25, 2018, 01:00:24 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Blueduck
Looks like the struggle was worth the effort for sure on this build and stocking!

now onto the next project..... lol


 on: August 15, 2018, 01:42:19 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
The second round of pictures.

 on: August 15, 2018, 01:40:51 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
I've more or less finished packing the BOT / camping trailer. There are still a few things like camping chairs that need to go in. And probably a few other things as I find them in other places.

Pictures are attached in this and the next post.PICTURE   DESCRIPTION

In the description below I mention Coleman stoves, all of them use Coleman fuel / white gas / naptha as the fuel source. I have two propane adapters that use one pound propane cylinders (or the propane hoses and trees to use 20 pound propane tanks). I have several 20 pound propane tanks full at any given time and several more empty. I also have 100 pound tanks that could be used for longer term. The propane trees allow the use of three propane appliances at one time - such as a heater, propane lantern and stove or any combination. My setup is based on on single mantle propane lantern (with mesh globe) on top of the tree and one or two propane stoves.

First the description of the pictures:
bot_001   Completed shelves 1

bot_002   completed shelves 2

bot_003   packed 1

bot_004   packed 2

bot_005   Left rear, bottom shelf
   Bottom: water boiler and nalgene type water bottles
      mandolin chopper, other choppers
      20 pound propane tank
   Top:   main kitchen box, manual meat grinders

bot_006   Left rear, middle shelf
   Bottom:   Coleman lanterns (propane, single mantle, in buckets)
      main camping tent & tarps (8 man)
   Top:   camping plates & bowls, paper plates
      screen tent

bot_007   Left rear, top shelf
   Bottom:   2 empty totes
      2 propane hoses & 2 propane trees
   Top:   wooden table shield for Coleman stove, 2 burner Coleman stove (behind wood), Oven for Coleman stove (behind wood)
      Tool box with tent stakes

bot_008   Right rear, top shelf
   Bottom:   20 quart pot with 8 quart pot inside
      fishing tackle box
      paper towels, aluminum foil, ziplock bags
   Top:   Revereware stainless steel, copper bottom pots and pans
      More pots and pans
      24 cup coffee percolator, coffee filters, coffee can and scoop

bot_009   Right rear, middle shelf
   Single 4 inch memory foam mattress for cot

bot_010   Right rear, bottom shelf
   Water containers (1 five gallon, 2 seven gallon)
   Insulater water coolers
   5 pound propane tank

bot_011   Center front
   Tote with 20 quart and five cast iron dutch ovens, most used large cast iron frying pans
   Small wood ladder for getting things off the trailer roof racks
   Spare tire
   Jansport 120 liter BOB
   Eddie Bauer backpack (behind Jansport BOB)
   Empty Coleman lantern case (behind Eddie Bauer backpack)
   2 plastic outdoor tables (behind Eddie Bauer backpack)
   Upright on left - Brown case has several fishing poles and reels
   Upright on right - 6 foot metal tripod and chains
   Upright on right - 5 foot rebar, 4 pieces (tripod)
   Upright on right - - Adjustable steel tent poles
   One of two 6 foot folding tables (the other is holding the door open for the pictures)

bot_012   Left front, top shelf
   Bottom:   empty totes (3)
   Top:   25 CO2 cartriges for Coleman liquid fuel stove or lantern pressurizer
      3 Coleman lanterns, liquid fuel, 2 mantle (red cases)
      2 Coleman lanterns, propane, 2 mantle (black and maroon cases)
      lots of lantern mantles
      Generic multi-fuel lantern
      Small back pack propane lantern
      Spare globes for lanterns

bot_013   Left front, middle shelf
   Bottom:   5 man canvas US military Arctic tent, liner, pole, stakes
      2 canvas US military shelter halves (for use as patches for Arctic tent)
   Top:   Cot
      large roll of heavy duty aluminum foil

bot_014   Left front, bottom shelf
   Bottom:   3 Wagner and Griswold 5 quart cast iron dutch ovens (red cooler)
      3 cast iron pots, 5 quart (red cooler)
      Chickne fryer, cast iron (red cooler)
      lids for pots and dutch ovens (red cooler)
      Empty tote
      Bucket (contains 13 gallon garbage bags & toilet paper for bucket toilet)
   Top:   Additional kitchen box
      Empty tote

bot_015   Right front, top shelf
   Bottom: 2 burner Coleman stove in case
      Empty Coleman lantern case
      two 3 burner Coleman stoves
      2 burner Coleman stove (above 3 burner stove)
      2 burner Coleman stove in case (above 2 burner stove)
   Top:   Coleman liquid fuel heater

bot_016   Right front, middle shelf
   Bottom:   8 man canvas tent (blue duffel)
      propane turnky fryer burner
      8 man Coleman tent (green duffle)
   Top:   Cards, card game rule books, poker chips (black bag)
      2 fleece sleeping bags
      Italian military wool blanket

bot_017   Right front, bottom shelf
   Bottom: kitty litter (green bucket)
      7 gallon bucket with bucket toilet lid
      Blue cooler with small cast iron fry pans, etc
   Top:   empty totes
                Coleman liquid fuel heater

 on: August 03, 2018, 10:07:40 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
The last few days I've been spending some time building the shelves and loading things into the trailer. I've used a lot of bungee cords to keep things on the shelves, and have been by the hardware store to pick up more. Another run for more bungees is in the cards.

As I've been putting things on the shelves I've also been changing where things were put initially, that's where the extra bungees have come in. I picked up a couple of small totes that fit on the shelves well and stack two high. Stacking totes two high requires more bungees.

Most of my camping (aka bug out) gear is in the trailer. There are still a few things I need to put in, which may result in a bit more reorganizing. I picked up 6 more small totes tonight to see if I can repack a couple of larger totes for a more efficient use of space. So far I still have shelve room left, but there are a few items that I still need to put in the trailer.

With the decision to use one foot deep shelves I found that the two of the totes I use for my long term storage food will fit side by side between the shelves. This will mean easy transport of my long term storage food if needed.

I did take some pictures of the trailer with the shelves in before I packed them. I'll take more and upload them later once I'm finished packing everything in the trailer.

 on: July 26, 2018, 12:24:31 AM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
Removing a tire is one idea. I've thought about that or a boot. I've also thought about a steel bar through both wheels, kind of can't steal it when the tires won't make a full rotation. I do use two locks on the, a ball lock and a hitch lock. In all honesty, locks are for honest people because few take more than a few seconds to remove (even the good ones).

Today I ripped the plywood for the shelves. I forgot that two pieces have to be ripped are 9 inches instead of 12, so will have to finish them later with a circular saw. Hopefully I can start working on the shelves soon and can move things over. I've made a couple of other minor changes to the shelf design.

 on: July 24, 2018, 06:12:06 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Darren
Might I suggest if not used very often remove one or both tires. Makes it harder to steal.

 on: July 17, 2018, 09:00:17 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
I'll have to look at e track, thanks.

 on: July 16, 2018, 08:58:31 AM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Hiddenone
that sounds really good. I would recommend attaching E Track on the sides of the trailer at 2 and 4 foot. This has worked real well for me in my cube van. They have about a million different types of fitting for it at Harbor Freight or Northern. I have even built shelves that fasten on the 2x4 e track mounts and they can be installed or remover in minutes and give you many options for your trailer or truck configuration. Have a 6x2 foot work bench that I can remove and use outside of the truck on jobs and I always make them so 1 person can  remove or install them. Since everything fits on both sides it is handy as hell to have. Since I do end up working on grass or grave a lot I have made the legs so I can slip on wheels to move it around easier. These also fit on the bottom of any shelf units I have made. I find it real handy to use moving them around the shed or the shop when I remove them from the truck. Have even impressed a few people at Menards when I have to pick some supplies and materials up by being able to move the units around in the truck for more room to make sure the load is balanced.

 on: July 11, 2018, 10:45:16 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
A while back I got a line on a very well maintained 5x8 V nose trailer, the V adds two feet to the length. It has only the one door on the rear, which I prefer to having one on the side. Inside width is a bit less than 5 feet but it is 6 feet at the walls and two inches higher down the center.

It was a construction trailer with roof racks, so I have a place to put canoes or what not. It did have shelves on one side, but I didn't like them so I took them out (they were too wide and wouldn't allow for a balanced load). I still have to put new shelves in, 12 inches wide on each side so I will still have nearly 3 feet between them. Originally I was going to space the shelves at 18 inches, but I've decided to put them at 2 feet. That will give me 3 shelves on each side. That will give me plenty of room to keep all of my camping (aka bug out) gear and still have room for other items should I have to bug out.

The old bug out trailer will have the enclosure removed so it won't be so top heavy and will just be a mini pickup box trailer, maybe I'll put on a cover of some sort... or maybe not.

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