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 on: March 09, 2018, 10:22:30 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
A small .30 caliber ammo can will fit in a 5 gallon bucket with lots of room to spare. Of course you can also double vacuum seal them too.

 on: March 09, 2018, 02:24:21 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Blueduck
oh boy, esbit stoves for a buck..... and ou can still get fuel tabs for them without a lot of trouble.... very inexpensive items even to cache in a bucket that have use..... though not sure how fuel tabs would hold up being buried..... but i reckon stored with oxygen absobers and usch they should do fine.... [thinking outloud]

multiple small kits, cache, nothing wrong with keeping on top of decent items and ideas.....

The great wal-mart of china is a 70 mile one way trip for me..... and their online site doesnt load very well for me... lol


 on: March 06, 2018, 11:00:10 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
Yeah, I prefer to put together my own kits. I find that it is often cheaper than buying a ready made kit, especially when you factor in the cheap quality in most kits.

I'm not worried about it not standing up to be honest. I think that will resolve itself if I decide to get an alcohol stove and put it in there. If the pocket was full I think it would stand up better.

I was at the local Walmart the other day and they had the UCO Esbit type folding stoves for $1.50, so I bought two since I already have one. I also picked up a UCO spork tool for $1.00 and a Walmart brand knive / fork / spoon for $0.50.

One of the stoves went into the old bottle bag with the Stanley set and the Walmart knife / fork / spoon set. It's the start of another kit.

If I'd been thinking when I was in the store I would have bought all the stoves and given them away as Christmas gifts next year. I've given away little things like that to a few friends, a buck or two spent on sale items of the survival variety.

 on: March 06, 2018, 12:52:09 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Blueduck
The Orca bag actually sounds like a nice one.... as with any kit, time will tell and piecing a kit together like you are is usually better than buying what someone thought was their best "all in one" set up.  dollars and cents matter, but then so does quality and convenience.   If it works better then excellent, as far as standing alone and not falling over.... sew on a support stick ;-)


 on: February 28, 2018, 04:29:20 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
I saw a review on Youtube on the Orca Tactical water bottle bag. It's a bit bigger around than the Condor as well as a bit taller on the main section. The pouch on the front is also a bit bigger, and it has a second zippered pouch on the bottom. I decided to give it a try and see what I thought of the quality and usefulness for my water bottle kit.

With the slightly larger diameter I found that it is easier to get the bag with the water bottle and cups in and out, a plus. There is also enough room in the top to store the shoulder strap or a small container of something, again a plus. The bottom pouch will also store the shoulder strap, or it will store the three tins I keep my fatwood dust, fatwood shavings and birch bark with some room left over, another plus. There is a downside, but not much of one - due to the zippered pouch on the bottom the bag doesn't really stand up well. I suppose that if it was completely full with a small round container it would stand just fine.

It comes in a variety of colors, including Coyote which the Condor does not, and for a buck more I think it works very well and is worth the price. I wanted a Coyote colored bag to go with the Coyote color of the backpack. I'll use the Condor bag with the Stanley cup or find another use for it. The quality is good too.

 on: February 27, 2018, 09:30:26 PM 
Started by Sustainablehome - Last post by Canuck In Denver
I contacted a regional sports store who has a co-branded Visa through First National Bank of Omaha. I let them know that since FNBO has decided to stop issuing the NRA Visa and therefore showed they didn't support the 2nd Amendment the regional sports store would lose me as a customer and a Visa card holder unless they switched. Took 15 minutes for the reply email saying they had not heard about that and that since they were strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment they would be reviewing their partnership with FNBO.

It ain't just the left who can play the "stop or you lose me as a customer" game.

I think I'll go out and buy me some high capacity magazines and an "assault weapon" just to piss off some people who need to grow the hell up.

Given that eating Tide pods is so bad and dangerous, we should ban all detergent pods.

 on: February 27, 2018, 09:23:38 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Canuck In Denver
I use fatwood as well, some I've turned into powder like the "Maya Dust" some like and some shaved along with pieces. No fire kit I have is complete without a magnesium block and some cotton ball/petroleum jelly starters.

I watched someone on Youtube testing a bunch of fire starters and cotton balls coated in petroleum jelly worked about the best, especially when you factored in the cost.

 on: February 27, 2018, 08:58:31 PM 
Started by Canuck In Denver - Last post by Blueduck
I like paper birch, I used to peel it from the live trees as a kids [outter layer and not get into the cambrium] and write notes on it to myself [no close nieghbor girls my age to write to] and make treasure maps to follow.

but for your desired use it will work decent enough.  Pitch pine was/is always my go to favorite, but it is plentiful around here, and birch not so much..... in fact I lived here for 4 years before i found a decent stand of birch in the area.... mostly cottonwood and locust [which is harder than iron, i broke a handle in an 8 pound maul and stuck the maul maybe an inch deep, and it was a good handle before hand!!]

we dont really have decent hardwoods here, tamarack being the next step down from birch in BTU's, followed by duglas fir and the pine families... with the worst a step up from cottonwoods are the white fir, spruce and western hemlock.  Western Red Cedar is used for kindling, we dont have the other cedars here either....

I read as a kid old timers used bird nests for tinder, but any i ever found were not really tinder type materials... though in the right forest many nests contain different moss plants....


 on: February 27, 2018, 08:45:47 PM 
Started by Sustainablehome - Last post by Blueduck
People are angry, and gun grabbers are taking the opportunity of this latest crisis to jump on their campaign to disarm the populace.

Remember, over 100 million people with lawfully owned firearms hurt no one today, yesterday, last month or lst year.

First rule of life, people die.  second rule of life, no one can stop people from dying, not even if all firearms are eliminated.

I talked to a friend yesterday on the right coast who said the people around him are ready to kill, the west Virginians see the liberals with "no coal" sign in their yards and on their vehicles, and they blame them for the coal mines no longer hiring and the state being a very depressed economy.  They feel the liberals have taken perty much everything away from them [true or not] and see the same liberals now wanting to take away their firearms and that is kind of the final straw.... he said its a powder keg ready to blow.... and to a degree here it is as well, liberal extremists shut down mining and logging, and  are getting ranchers cattle off public lands even though the ranchers, loggers and miners are the only ones paying to use the public lands.... not quite the powder keg due to less population, and some displaced workers getting oil patch work where their take home is more for the about the same wages, but since they are away from home, they put in 20 days straight before taking a day or week off.

One thing i guffaw at is wanting to drop the age of majority to vote to 16, and those that propose such need to be reminded that just last month those same 16 year olds were eating a tide pod in a video challenge [ok maybe not all of them, but enough for a sample of pathetic] and yes it tends to scare some that these same 16 year olds will be the ones in office running the nation in 20 or 30 years.....

I really do not know what is coming, but i have a feeling I can not quite put a rope around just yet.... and this whole distraction towards a "gun grab" may be just the right hand left hand thing taking away attention from last months announcement that at the end of March the Chinese will monetize oil with the Yuan and back it up with gold.... ergo the price flux last three weeks in gold and the return to its former price.... more so than the non headline worthy stock market sell off and buy back.....

trying not to hijack the thread, because tthis political issue is a real problem, and civil war seems close.


 on: February 25, 2018, 09:45:14 PM 
Started by Sustainablehome - Last post by Canuck In Denver
Interesting. With a bunch of the younger generation strongly leaning to socialism and communism it would seem the "moderate" left is outnumbered by the "extreme" left, and everyone on the right.

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