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Author Topic: Sustainable Survivable Community Now Forming in Northern Arizona!  (Read 3873 times)


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Hello To All Group Members!

Since we are fairly new to the group, we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves to the other members. My name is Tim Guiney and my wife is Viola. I am dad to 5 wonderful young people, and Poppa to 12 precious grandbabies. We live in Phoenix, Arizona, and my wife works for the state, while I am self-employed in the alarm business. We seem to be pretty prepared for most eventualities, but as in all things, it is possible to make improvements. We are not kooks, crazies, racists, religious zealots (although we are people of faith), militia types, paranoid skitzos, or any of the other myriad of stereotypes portrayed by the media! What we are is concerned parents, grandparents, patriots, and productive members of society.

We are a part of a group called the Greater Arizona Preparedness Project, or GAPP for short. The purpose of this organization is three-fold:
1) We intend to educate the public concerning the need for individual, corporate, and community preparedness;
2) We are creating a sustainable community that incorporates the principles of preparedness, which will be run as a “for profit” agricultural business that will serve as a model for others to duplicate with out costing an arm and a leg;
3) We intend to plug into several different organizations which are creating a network of communications between like communities across the country.

I would be happy to e-mail you our promo material, which includes our Mission Statement, Position Paper, FAQs, Dwelling Unit floor plans, and pics of the shelter, to anyone who would like one. Or you could go to our Yahoo Group Site and sign up for free with no obligation and peruse all the material there at your leisure. We have great reading material in our files section, and some great pics in our photos section! The pics of the shelter are really cool and the ones taken in Iraq by one of our members are very eye-opening!

We currently have 2 different parcels of land in Northern Arizona, and we will be adding more as the need arises, and the means become available. The undeveloped area that this land is situated in has thousands of acres that are mostly for sale currently:
#1: Is a little over 8 acres on which we are going to construct the Farm and Ranch using a sustainable / thrivable platform. We
will be constructing all the necessary above-ground buildings needed to meet that purpose. It has an existing underground
hardened NBC shelter
at 8,800 sq ft that is in complete working condition.
#2: Is a little over 6 acres that is about 3 miles from #1, and we will be constructing the dwelling units in that location.  At first, we anticipate a working community of approximately 50-100 adults, plus their children who will work Mesa Butte Ranch, and maintain the properties. I'm pretty sure that this number will start small, and gradually get larger as more of the members are able to disengage from the big city entrapments! The remaining 75-150 families will probably continue to operate as normal until the balloon goes up. At that point, the remainder will gather to Mesa Butte Homestead.

We are currently seeking those who want to be a part of the solution, and not a part of the problem, to become residents. All will own shares in the community. This way no one can be shut out of their investment, etc. Not everything is cast in concrete as of yet, as we have been waiting to finalize some of these issues until more people became involved in the planning of the project.

Also, we are looking to network with other individuals and communities across the country for mutual benefit, protection, and communications. Kind of a Strength through Unity sort of concept!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like further info concerning the GAPP project. E-Mail is:, or at our new yahoo group address:, and Office Phone of: 602-595-2526.
In the Spirit of Liberty,
tim and viola guiney
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