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Author Topic: #10 cans in root cellars / damp locations  (Read 925 times)

Canuck In Denver

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#10 cans in root cellars / damp locations
« on: February 05, 2017, 02:33:13 PM »

I have a nice storage area similar to a root cellar. It's insulated concrete so it stays fairly stable in the 40 to 60 degree F range. It is a bit damp so storing #10 cans and things that should be dry can be a problem. One of the local stores has Remington brand "weathertight" storage totes. They have a locking lid and a gasket so there is no chance of humid air or dust getting into them.

They stack nicely and hold about a dozen #10 cans and some smaller cans or items. They also hold about 34 MRE pouches, complete military issue - it's nice having a friend in the guard who gives you his extras.

They are a bit pricey at about $32 each, on sale for $25, though.

My goal starting in 2017 is to pick up at least one tote per month until I have all of my long term storage food in these totes and in my "root cellar". Once I have all of my #10 and other canned freeze dried and dehydrated food in the totes I will work on getting totes so that each tote has one type of item in it - peas in one, carrots in another, etc. Once I get to one thing in each tote the tote will be labeled with duct tape and a marker as to what it is in. I think I'll toss in a manual can opener and a P38 can opener in each tote, along with lids for the cans once opened.

I'll also make sure that I have a tote with dried beans, Spam, etc. I'll pick up a tote for each item (one for each type of bean, Spam, canned chicken, etc) and then buy one item for each tote per week (more when on sale) until each tote is full.

I worked out how many totes I'd need for my #10 cans and I think it was 14. I'll have to get a few more to have enough for everything, at least 20 I'm thinking - possibly more. While this alone will be setting me back nearly $500 at minimum it makes for insurance on the storage life of the food and easy of movement. It also gives me a fairly quick way to inventory items once full.

12 #10 cans of Mountain House ground beef (or other item), one tote, will go a long way :)
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