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Author Topic: Small packable gravity water filter setup  (Read 1190 times)

Canuck In Denver

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Small packable gravity water filter setup
« on: April 07, 2017, 04:31:51 PM »

As I've been assembling my bottle cook kit (see: here) I decided to have a small water filter system to go with it. I picked up a Katadyn Carbon Cartridge (see: here) which will also work with my main field filter (Katadyn Pocket). I also picked up a 3 liter top load hydration bladder to use as a source bag from Amazon for $13 I chose this hydration bladder because it will roll up small since it is top load (I have several Camelbak bladders).

I made a couple of mods to the hydration bag. First I removed the neopene on the hose, it just adds bulk and I don't need it. I took off the bite valve since it isn't required for my use. I cut the hose a few inches from the bag so I could move the on/off valve there. The end of the hose has nothing on it, this is where the carbon cartridge will go and a bit of hose to go into a bottle, etc. To keep stress off the hydration bladder I used a stuff sack to act as a basket. I used para cord to close the bag and hang it, and I put a small opening in the bottom for the bladder hose to hang through. The original string that came with the bag can be used to hang it from a tree. The hydration bag also stays in the sack when not in use.

My thought process was to use the Katadyn Pocket to filter water going into the hydration bladder. Then the hydration bladder could be hung from a tree and gravity feed through the Katadyn carbon cartridge into another hydration bladder or my water bottle. Nice and simple.

I'll attach pictures of it.

As I was thinking about it, I decided that it would be nice to have a lighter weight filter than the Katadyn Pocket. The Sawyer filters have been getting good reviews, and while having to back flush them is a pain in the neck, the cost is right and they are small and lightweight. So I invested the $20 in a Sawyer Mini.

Adding the Sawyer Mini will mean another cut in the hydration bladder hose. It will go below the on/off valve and above the carbon cartridge.

Everything fits into a small MOLLE pouch I had laying around, and I can put it on the side of the cook bottle kit if I want or tuck it into a backpack. The pouch is a Condor EMT pouch that runs about $17 on There is even room in the pouch to add some water treatment tablets. I can choose to gravity feed a full 3 liters or use the Sawyer Mini and Katadyn carbon cartridge to drink straight from a water source, lots of options depending on the situation all for $53 (not including the pouch).

Edit: Helps if I add the pictures.
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