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Author Topic: I must have raised my son right.  (Read 432 times)


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I must have raised my son right.
« on: July 24, 2017, 09:55:29 AM »

   I was visiting with my son the other day and he told me this about one of his friends.

       They went to high school together and are now both at the same college. His friend told him he was worried that the world was going to go to hell and the economy was going to crash. Now this kid is studying economics and he is seeing just how screwed up things really are. He has decided that he is going to be ready for the worst. So my son started asking him questions just to see what he planned to do. He keeps his mouth shut about what we are doing but listens real closely to what others have to  say. (He also has plans to get back home in one piece if things tank.)

   So what have you been doing to prepare for trouble in the future? Well I have been saving some money to buy food if things get bad. Ok, have you been buying extra food then? Oh hell no I don't need to do that until things get real bad. Well don't you think it would be a problem to get food if the prices go  up? No that wouldn't happen the stores got plenty of food. They do? Yep they got whole back rooms full of food so they will have plenty when I need it. Don't you think other people will be trying to get food too? Maybe but I know I can get what I want. OK. Don't you think others may have the same ideas? No because I am smarter than they are and that gives me an advantage over them. How's that? Well I'm studying about the economy and they aren't so they aren't as smart as I am about what could happen. Well I know you have a bit of an advantage there but are you really sure their that stupid. Oh hell yes they don't have a clue. Well where will you buy all this food at? I'm going to go to Sam's Club and load up on stuff that I need. Well how much do you plan on spending on food then? I can get all I will need for about $200. Really! Yep that's plenty of food to last for a long time. Well it sounds like you really have that planned out.

   So where do you plan to live then since the college here really wouldn't be a good place to be? No problem I'm going to move back home and live with my folks. Oh I see that's not a bad idea you can take your food and share it with them then. No way! I'm not going to share their on their own. What! You mean you wouldn't share with them since they are putting a roof over your head? No that doesn't happen because they owe me that as I'm their only son. Well what if they don't have any food? That's their problem. So what if they kick you out? Oh that's not a problem I will got out back in the woods and build me a cabin to live in. How are you going to do that you never even took shop class in school? Not a problem how hard can it be to build a cabin. Well harder that you think. Where are you going to get tools to build it? Oh that's easy I'm going to call you and have you come over and help me. Really? Yes you can get some of your dad's tools and help me build it. You are going to pay me to help you then? No your my friend and friends don't ask to get paid. Ok then you will feed me while I help then? Nope you got to bring your own food. Ok. Well are you going to ask my dad to borrow his tools and have me help then. No need to ask you just bring them over and we will build it. Don't you think my dad might not want to lend his tools out then? Not my problem that's yours because your helping me and you can deal with him he will let you use them. Listen I don't think that's going to fly. Sure it will I'm not worried about it at all.

    Well so you get this cabin built and all how are you going to heat it? Well you must be dumb I'm going to use wood. Ok then how are you going to cut wood your dad doesn't have a chainsaw and recollect the last time he had a tree go down he had my dad come over to cut the tree up. Well there is a bunch of wood stacked behind the house from that tree that my folks use in their fireplace so I'll be ok there. What do you think your folks  would heat their house with then? Oh they could call your dad and  buy some firewood from him. Ok. Well what are you going to do for light inside this cabin of yours then? I'm just going to tap into the nearest power line and I'll have plenty of power. Don't you think the power company might have something to say about that? Nope they wouldn't even know I was tapping their line. Well you would need a transformer and a meter base and a breaker box to have the right voltage of power wouldn't you? Nope just splice the drop cord right on the power line and your in business. Ok if you say so. Man I have to have some power to run my computer and tv and Xbox with so I will be set. Well what do you need that stuff for? We I got to be able to email people and entertain myself. You really think this is going to work? Sure no problem I got this all planned out it will work.

   Ok then what are you going to do to protect yourself if somebody wants to take your food or use your cabin and internet? Well that's easy I got to get me some guns and I mean like big ones. What kind of big ones? Well like old Dirty Harry I'm going to get a 44 mag and that will make people think twice about messing with me. I mean I can kill deer and stuff with it and people will just keep away from me cause I have the gun. You ever shoot a gun? Nope but that's not a problem either because I play a bunch of games on the Xbox and I'm an expert marksman. Ok then what are you going to do when you need more for or wood then? I'll go steal some from other people because I know they got what I need. Don't you think that could be a bit risky? Nah I got the 44 mag and they will just get out of my way.

  Ok it really sounds like you have a plan and have this all worked out, Yep I will be a survivor for sure. You aren't worried about any of this not working out then? Nope I have a few years of college and I'm much smarter that all those other people so it will be a piece of cake. Well I'm glad you got it planned out so well. Hey I have to run but keep me posted on how all of this is working for you.

  Dad this friend of mine and from now on I'm going to use that term loosely is truly on his own. He can just plan all he wants and if he thinks he's going to get any help from anyone he is nuts. I would never have thought he was that stupid but I guess I was wrong. I am truly beginning to believe there are a whole bunch of people like him out there that just don't have a clue. Thank God you give me the common sense to do a bunch of different things no matter how much I ever complained about doing them. I at least know that I am in a better position to deal with what comes my way. Yes dad I keep the gas tank full and have the bike in the back of my pickup with some basics to get back home if things happen. Thanks again dad for you and mom being there for me.

   You know I guess I feel pretty good about that. I must have done something right.

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Re: I must have raised my son right.
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2017, 08:41:27 PM »

Sounds like you gave him some knowledge to go with that rarest of elements he inherited from you - common sense. Good job!
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Re: I must have raised my son right.
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2017, 04:33:05 PM »

What is scary is there are many of these types of friends that believe they are smarter than the rest of us..... and ill prepared.... hopefully he doesnt get  his firearm first before he tries to get food in a crisis.

As a parent we can only hope and pray our kids listen to us when we suggest paths, assign chores, and approve friends [or not], I messed up and my three kids have been raised in the small town inside city limits, with little to do for chores the way i had em..... but the few folks my oldest has worked for are impressed at his work ethic..... maybe he listened too.


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