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Author Topic: Hygiene equipment a few thoughts  (Read 630 times)


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Hygiene equipment a few thoughts
« on: September 10, 2017, 11:02:59 AM »

Consider a 5 gallon capacity bucket, scrub brush(Like vegetables, but for cleaning under your grunked up under your finger or toe nails.
Nail clippers, manually operated hair clippers(Admit dang hard to find) soap or detergent safe for babies (Lava Soap does not meet this criteria, however a few bars may be a very good thing).

At least one extra box of large reinforced trash bags, scrub board, and plunger, borax and powder not liquid detergent.
N-95 masks,Gloves, dish type, Goggles and N95 masks, if you need to conduct autopsy of animals.

Tyvek coveralls, and Wellington style boots (NOT FOR CBRNE Protection)

Make that 3 sets of surgical tools, and a pressure cooker (Improvised sterilizer)

Shovel, pick axe, quicklime, map of area and compass, build an outhouse at least 300 yards from the edge of running water. Cholera is an epic survival fail.

Rat/Mouse traps, Water Filters , while purification tablets will work after about 6 weeks of continuous use the good bacteria in your gut will start to die off.

Consider Vinegar and Orange oil for general cleaning of hard surfaces.
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Re: Hygiene equipment a few thoughts
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2017, 09:07:46 PM »

All good suggestions. For a portable toilet there is the "Luggable Loo" that will fit any 5 gallon bucket, or you can buy it with a bucket included. I bought one with bucket on clearance many years ago. I found that a 7 gallon bucket brings the height to about 20 inches, which is more comfortable, so my supplies live in the "Loo" bucket which has never been used but it does have the logo on it so everyone knows it's connected to the portable toilet set up.

We have used it on a couple of winter camping trips before an outhouse was put in where we spend a weekend in February. I use 13 gallon kitchen bags in the portable toilet, put the bag in and then put the lid on. Once done, add some cheap kitty litter to absorb odor, etc and change the bag. In a longer term situation each bag could get more than a single use. Wood shavings would work too.

In the supplies bucket I keep a box of 13 gallon kitchen garbage bags, a few rolls of toilet paper, baby wipes. I have a kitty litter bucket that rounds out the kit.
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