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Author Topic: B.O.B repack  (Read 504 times)


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B.O.B repack
« on: September 16, 2017, 01:56:04 AM »

Was reading over and thru several of the BOB posts, been on Facebook and reading what other folks tend to say they think they need in a BOB, and really have been tossing out the items i dont need and reducing the weight for my refugee bag.  yes a BOB means yer on foot and a refugee.

So while i still have way to much i want to tote along, Ive decided that it is a decent idea to go out now and double dig a few cache and bury 2-3 5 gallon buckets or other treasure chests as a friend puts it.  That way should we become walking refugees seeking to make it to our first BOL, we can make it there, then return along the various routes over the next few weeks, months or even years should it come to that and recover larger lots than the intial carry would allow.

ergo, the new repack perty much just covers clothes, ammunition, bed roll and no cook food though i do like my hot coffee or tea which is why in another post i said i am considering budgeting for a kelly kettle for the simplicity of boiling a liter plus of water in 3-5 minutes.

I dont anticipate on being in a firefight and needing more ammunition than  what i tote while out hunting, but i reckon having a hundred rounds long for the rifle and 50 extra for the pistols is what its gonna be. And the buckets will have various calibre packed into them as well.

I picked up a small Ulu in a trade, still have not mastered the art of skinnng with it yet, but it adds merely a few ounces and fits into an outside pocket on the  Badlands 4500 I picked up before they discontinued that line of backpacks and went to the summit model. if you aint read their warranty, ya might consider it. What it has that inspired the purchase was a notch on the back to lash on a bow or an extra rifle/shotgun which the summit also has but they peddle an addon pounch that fits al their backpacks now as well.  it also has a removable top that doubles as a fanny pack that totes a water bladder, quite innovative..... made of a tough enough material that also is quiet like fleece, it is intended for using as a hunting spike camp pack.... which is why the repack, cause i know if i just put gear into it, i wont be able to tote it far at all..... Its one of those items i didnt tell the wife about what i paid for it.... stuck it out in the shed when i brought it home 3 years ago and gently eased into the fact i had it..... at just about $400 it wasnt cheap and at the time i had the extra funds for the upgrade [i sewe a few are still around new for about $325 plus shipping on the net, and the new same size better designed summit is also about $400 now] did i mention the warranty?

What i like about this pack is it affords me more than i should carry, but keeps it handy where i can reach it if i need to, way better than government surplus or knock offs ive seen.  its heavy, but it will be around a long time too.... now all i need is to buy several of these for the family.... and get them past the wife.... lol

I still pack my BOB and use it as a long term camping set up, when camping i probably take along more than i need to, and somewhat differently than i would normally pack as a refugee, though by deciding to cache more along different routes, i wont have to worry so much if someone else is gonna find something i left behind and went back for eventually.

I will get around to laying everything out and getting a foto up here one of these days. 

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