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Author Topic: Dometic freezer  (Read 595 times)


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Dometic freezer
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:59:39 PM »

Since ive been off here for so long, ive picked up and got rid of [very few] some new items [to me] one being an older three way dometic freezer.  I was at a yard sale talking to the elderly fella about what he was giving away cheaply, and he wanted $100 for this little unit and told me he had picked it up and his family used it for three years doing family reunion camping trips and he used it to keep everyone in ice for two weeks at a time on propane..... never used the 110, and someone had cut the 12 volt leads short before he bought it used.... I wasnt interested in it for $100 and left with some other things, telling him though if the wife said to come back and see what else he had [which was some decent well cared for items] id stop by which after about three days i did.  He dropped the price to $60 and I told him i didnt think i really needed it even at that low price and besides i only had $30 in my pocket and was looking at something i told my wife about..... anyway he said he would take the $30 and it came home with me and i find similar newer models start around $700 and are not any bigger or probably better for that matter.... it works well on propane and 110 but i dont need it at the house right now so it just sits there til camping season for Gold camp [I didnt get out this year like I did last year] and it is a great ice maker [to small to keep much frozen] And if i decide to trade it, i know i can more than likely get close to $250 for it the way peoiple tend to like higher priced items around here.... may start at $450 and let myself be talked down a little too depending on the person buying.

I pick up propane bottles that are the old style and cant be filled and folks have em in the back of their sheds from time to time, we can get them filled here if ou show you have a propane cutting torch [weed burners used to count but no longer] or i used to trade them in at the exchange places and pay a huge difference but was still cheaper than buying a new tank.... got a friend who works for a propane company and he does me a good turn every few tanks and changes the valves out at less cost than other places. so i have ten of the little 20 pounders which used to be five gallon tanks, and 4 - 7 gallon tanks and 2 ten gallon tanks plus my 240 gallon tank i rent for the gas fireplace unit that runs in the winter..... oh and the old motorhome which is for sale has a 30 gallon dual tank under it and i can plumb from it if i really had to....

I would like to purchase a couple 240 gallon or bigger tanks and keep em filled, the lowest price this year got down to $1.49 per gallon if ya filled over 100 gallons at one delivery, so we did fill that which we needed to..... never ending battle for where the funding goes.

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Re: Dometic freezer
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2017, 08:56:08 PM »

Nice score on the freezer :)

I collect 20 pound propane tanks whenever I can. I have about 10 of the new style and about 20 of the old style. I can get the valve replaced and the tank recertified for about $15 cash at a local propane place. I also have 4 100 pounders, one that is damn near full but with a stuck valve so I will have to empty it and get the valve fixed.
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